domingo, agosto 31, 2008

O Manifesto do Macho Beta

"Although his very existence proves that the Beta Male is successful in mating, the natural habitat of the young Beta Male is heartbreak. He doesn’t know that he will eventually prevail, and that in the end, most females will settle, and it is the Beta upon whom she inevitably settles. Almost no Beta will reach his twenties without having had the object of his affection snatched from his grasp by an Alpha male, then when she is cast off, finding himself used as a cushion for her landing and the unwitting springboard for her next launch at the Alpha bachorlorama. The Beta is the trampoline the female world refers to as just friends. Thus, over the eons, the Beta Male has developed a highly developed sense of irony. (Not rhetorical irony, the gentler cousin of sarcasm, but twist of fate, bite you in the ass irony.) Like the bat who can sense the presence of the mosquito by the micro-turbulence caused by the insect’s wings, so can the Beta Male sense a heartbreak coming from the moment he first spots a woman."

Coisa de gênio... Texto completo, em várias partes, aqui:

Uma visão dramatizada do assunto pode ser encontrada aqui:

2 comentários:

clabrazil disse...

Senti um quê de identificacao, Rodrigo?!


Cecília Alves disse...

Parece-me uma profunda auto-análise. Mas muito interessante. Num mundo onde as mulheres cada vez mais querem se tornar alpha para se igualarem aos homens, há mais do que a necessidade de os homens se tornarem beta ao demonstrarem sensibilidade e humanidade, tradicionalmente tidos como sinal de fraqueza por eles. ;-)