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Uma proposta não-violenta para Gaza

Eu ia fazer alguns comentários sobre a matéria da Época no último post, mas hoje, deparando-me com este texto de um professor universitário muçulmano que trabalha nos EUA, achei que valeria a pena partilhá-lo com vocês. Sobre o novo "islamismo da periferia", comento mais tarde. Por ora, deixo aqui o início do artigo.

An eye for an eye?
At a time when so much innocent blood has been spilled, it is hard to contemplate the idea of forgiveness. But it is time that Palestinians considered charting a new course for their struggle.
When Israel was dropping its newly acquired American made bombs into Gaza it was not my house that was in the crosshairs. When the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) was allegedly using white phosphorous in densely populated areas of Gaza, my children were not at any risk. When Israel used the Dense Inert Metal Explosives in Gaza, I did not feel the pain from these deadly killers that expel charged tungsten dust, which causes minor abdominal injuries at first but later degenerate into multi-organ failures.

On Nov 4, 2008 I was not present in Gaza when Israel broke the truce by killing six Hamas gunmen. I was not in Sderot, when Hamas fired back rockets terrorizing Israelis and eventually killing innocent bystanders. I am not the one who suffered as Gaza deteriorated into a cauldron of human misery. This even before the current conflict caused the death of over 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians with women and children making up nearly 40 percent of the death toll. I am not among the 50,000 people that have been rendered homeless. Finally, I am not an official of the United Nations, whose Secretary General has expressed outrage and called for an inquiry to find out why Israel bombed UN facilities and schools, where civilians and children had taken shelter.

I may not have the personal experience of these horrors but I do understand their implications.

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